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Lucy’s Luscious Raw Chocolate
is handmade in Brighton using the finest ingredients sourced from Latin America.

To make her delicious chocolate, Lucy uses raw or unroasted cacao powder, raw unheated cacao butter and natural healthy sweeteners such as maple syrup and raw agave syrup. The liquid sweeteners have more nutrients in them such as B vitamins and enzymes to make the sugar less challenging on blood sugar and digestion.

Most dark, high cacoa content chocolate is made using heated and roasted ingredients with added sugar, which destroys the natural health benefits of this amazing superfood. The cacao bean is a superfood but as soon as milk, sugar and hydrogenated fats are added to the chocolate all or most of the health benefits are reduced. Raw chocolate, or cacao as it alternatively known, currently contains more antioxidants than any other food on the planet. For example, it contains seven times more antioxidants than roasted cacao.

Lucy, a naturopathic nutritionist who also happens to love chocolate, has found ways of making the raw product extremely delicious without needing to add harmful ingredients. She regularly gets compliments for her chocolate and many people find it hard to believe that chocolate can be a health product and still have a gorgeous taste.

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Handmade chocolate from Brighton

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