Raw Chocolate Workshops

Lucy’s Luscious Raw Chocolate
is handmade in Brighton using the finest ingredients sourced from Latin America.

Raw Chocolate Workshops ...... are great fun and truly scrumptious. 2 hours of fun and lots of delicious tasters.

Recipes include: truffles, peppermint hearts, orange zest chocolates, chocolate torte, chocolate mousse, raw milk, green smoothies and more……..

All raw, sugar, dairy and gluten-free.

Raw chocolate workshops need to be booked in advance and will respond to demand. Please contact Lucy for details.

Our Next Workshop:

Raw Chocolate Workshops In Brighton 2018

Sunday July 15th 12.30 - 2.30pm

£45 per person or for couples £75

Gift vouchers available on request

Come and learn how to temper and make delicious professional looking raw chocolate.

We’re easy to find in Brighton and there’s free parking. Great fun with lots of delicious tasters….. Contact Lucy for more info

The chocolate workshop was life-changing – the idea that something so delicious could also be good for you, was sheer heaven!

I thought the chocolate workshop was such great fun! As a confirmed chocoholic (who doesn’t enjoy green and blacks organic) I was pleasantly surprised. The chocolates were gorgeous, especially the orange ones and the recipe really easy to follow. A must for all chocolate lovers!

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Raw Chocolate Workshops

Next workshop Sun 15th Jul
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Handmade chocolate from Brighton

“Raw Chocolate is...
an aphrodisiac”