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Lucy’s Luscious Raw Chocolate
is handmade in Brighton using the finest ingredients sourced from Latin America.

LucyLucy studied fine art and dance choreography at Brighton University under the tutelage of Brighton diva Liz Aggis and spent a few years performing on the alternative dance circuit and making dance films. Lucy turned to her other passion, diet and nutrition, after suffering from a number of illnesses including asthma, IBS and severe migraines. She felt the need to find some answers to her health problems due to her frustration at continually being told to 'put up with it' by doctors. She eventually became a qualified nutritionist, studying Natural Nutrition with Barbara Wren in the late 1990s, after finding that a radical change of diet cured her migraines and asthma, while her IBS improved by a remarkable 90%.

Always a big believer in the beneficial power of raw food, having been inspired by the likes of Leslie Kenton's Raw Energy books and Roxy Dillon's life changing book Radical Rejuvenation, Lucy became a raw food advocate before training with Barbara. Although her health had improved immensely she was still not completely on the path of wellness. Natural Nutrition was the vital bridge that enabled the gaps to be filled concerning the complexities of healthy eating - for example, how the body cleanses itself everyday.If you push too hard with raw alkalising food the liver can become overwhelmed and healing crises can arise as the resulting mucus, toxins and excess sodium, built up over a lifetime, move out of the cells and into the liver. Natural Nutrition teaches you why, how and when this happens and gives you tools, such as cleansing techniques taught by our foremothers, to help release these damaging toxins and move them from the liver to the colon and out of the system. If left in the liver they can cause inflammation, swelling, rashes, headaches, cravings etc. This vital information is such a useful tool that it is able to help so many people who are yearning to move forward on their healing journey but perhaps are feeling stuck and still lacking in health and vitality.

Having given up so much in order to bring her body back to balance Lucy, like so many in the nutrition world, had one remaining 'drug' and that was chocolate. Even though she was eating only a small amount of the best kind of commercial chocolate Lucy was seriously considering having some hypnotherapy to help her find release from a yearning for a food very high in sugar and which can have a very depleting and harmful affect on the body. But luckily Lucy discovered Food For Life, a raw food festival held in Hove in 2006, where every stall was selling raw chocolate - chocolate made with raw caoca powder, unheated cacao butter and natural sweeteners. Lucy thought she had discovered heaven on earth. As many of us have learnt, cacoa is a hormone balancer and that is why women crave it more than men, especially during menstruation. It also gives you similar feelings to being in love. Quite a potent drug!

Lucy went to a raw chocolate-making workshop in London given by Jess Michael and learnt how to make this delicious chocolate using healthier suger alternatives. At home she experimented with her recipe ideas and began to teach others who also wanted to carry on eating chocolate, but chocolate made without the depleting effects of white processed sugar. As her researches developed, Lucy created recipes which contained ingredients that were slightly sweeter than those found in the average raw chocolate bars. She comments "I wanted to keep the health benefits but still make it as tasty as possible so that I could encourage my clients, customers and students to give up eating ordinary chocolate. My philosophy has always been that 'Less is more'. Raw cocoa is enough of a superfood in itself without the need to add yet more superfoods, which can render the chocolate tasteless."

Lucy teaches in Brighton as well as on cruise ships and at retreats all over the world. She also writes health columns and has been a regular nutritional advisor on Southern Counties Radio. Lucy now holds workshops in her Brighton home and sells her chocolate in and around Brighton, after many of her students encouraged her to sell her delicious chocolate.

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